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Abstract submission

Deadline: to be announced

It is currently not possible to submit abstracts.

Underneath you can find info on how the abstract were submitted and reviewed for Surgical AI Day 2023.

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Special conference paper

Artificial Intelligence Surgery (AIS) Journal is the official partner for the special conference paper "Computer Vision Applications in Minimally Invasive Surgery" from the Surgical AI Day.


Get your research published
All submitted abstracts/papers will be reviewed by the rigorous and professional review team of AIS and will have a chance to be published in the special journal issue. Bonus: AIS has been accepted for inclusion in SCOPUS.


Original work focusing on the preclinical or clinical translation of artificial intelligence based support in surgery will be considered. This can entail both pre, intra and post-operative support, as well as topics related to one of the six sessions.

The abstract should entail:

Download here the official abstract template.


No more than 16 words. No abbreviations except for standardized ones


Department, Institution, City, Postcode, Country;
full details on presenting author


No more than 250 words. No citations. Define abbreviations at their first mention.


The purpose of this study


The detailed methods applied in this study incl. description of patients, materials, software, experimental apparatus, etc.


The main findings of this study, including conclusive description, analysis and comparison with other related research results, etc.


The conclusion of this study. We suggest that authors may highlight its significance, emphasize the value of this study and state expectation on future studies that may need to be carried out.


Please suggest 3-8 keywords which can be used for describing the content of the manuscript and will enable the full text of the manuscript to be searchable online.

Artificial Intelligence Surgery

Artificial Intelligence Surgery (AIS) is the first surgical journal that bridges the realms of computer science and the artistry of surgery. The primary objective of this journal is to serve as a platform for scholarly discourse on various facets of artificial intelligence (AI) within the surgical domain, encompassing subjects such as intelligent surgical technologies, digital surgery, computer-assisted surgical systems, and surgical data science.

  • Officially launched in December 2021, AIS has, to date, published a total of 45 articles across 8 issues, including two Guidelines.

  • The esteemed Editorial Board comprises 58 distinguished experts hailing from 17 countries and regions, offering a truly global perspective on the subject matter.

  • AIS has successfully organized 6 online webinars, each attracting a substantial viewership exceeding 5,000 participants.

  • Under the guidance of our Editor-in-Chief and Director of Social Media and Strategy, AIS has additionally released 31 podcast episodes featuring in-depth discussions and insights from these renowned experts in the field.

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